Woman Live-Tweets Two Women Plotting To Catch Out Their Cheating Husbands And It's Brilliant


There’s so many people being cheated on in the world that I feel pretty privileged that I’ve never been one of them. Sure, you have to have been in a relationship to be cheated on, but the sentiment’s still there; no one wants to cheat on Alfie.

I imagine there’s only three things that could make being cheated on better, and they’re immediately meeting someone else who’s nicer, having the person your ex cheated on you with subsequently cheat on your ex, or become friends with the other person who was cheated on.

This Twitter thread is a tale of the latter, as two women were overheard plotting to catch out their husbands, who turned out to be gay and sleeping with each other.

The meeting was overheard by filmmaker BJack-O-Langelo, who perhaps immorally live-tweeted the affair…

What a saga.

I wish them the best.

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