These Are The Most Underrated Lines In 'The Simpsons' (According To The Internet)


I can never put into words just how much I love the old Simpsons. It’s gotten to the point where I’m writing about it quite a lot these days but the words still escape me.

Without sounding like a depressing Tumblr poet, The Simpsons makes me sad. Partly because of what it’s become, and how the mighty fell so astoundingly, and party because nothing can hope to come close to it.

Even the likes of Rick and Morty – a fantastic show by any standards – can’t hold a candle to Lemon of Troy


But when trying to think of my favourite episode of The Simpsons, I’m spoiled for choice. Lemon of Troy is definitely up there, I just know I’m forgetting so many.

But even harder than choosing a favourite episode would be choosing a favourite line, since the good episodes have at least ten great lines in them each. For the moment the one that comes to mind is when Hank Scorpio tell Homer that he never gave him his jacket. That was superb…


Well favourite lines is exactly what one man was after, when he tweeted this…

Then it was practically free reign on Twitter.

giphy (1)


This pretty much sums it up…

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