Amazing Video Shows What Hollywood's Biggest Films Look Like Without Special Effects


I’m one of the first people to moan when a film is CGI’d to within an inch of its life and has more visual effects on it than a Kardashian selfie.

Having said that, though, I am willing to admit that the advent of recent visual technology, has, by and large, taken cinema to an exciting new place that filmmakers of yesteryear could only imagine in their wildest dreams.

Take Blade Runner 2049 for example – a film I recently saw at the cinema and was genuinely blown away by. Sure, the acting and overall storyline was fantastic – but good actors and interesting plots have been around for decades – really, it was the stunning visual effects and cinematography that propelled the movie to dizzying new heights.

As good as the original was, new technology has enabled directors such as Dennis Villeneuve to flourish, creating truly beautiful worlds and environments the likes of which audiences have never seen before.

(It’s also given rise to films like Transformers and Batman vs Superman, but I don’t want to ruin the vibe too much so let’s not spend too long discussing the results of too many visual effects.)

Anyway, these effects often look so realistic that it’s easy to forget that most of them are computer generated. Sadly, in reality, you’ve just got some poor sod acting in front of a green screen whilst talking to a stick with a ball on the end.

Interestingly, Fame Focus  have made a video showing what some of the most popular recent movies look like behind the scenes, and it makes for a pretty insightful watch.

Check it out below:

Kind of ruins some of the magic, doesn’t it?

Most of it isn’t that surprising; I didn’t exactly think that a man shared a boat with a real tiger in Life Of Pi, or that Chris Pratt really tamed a couple of velociraptors, but it is quite interesting to find out that they also use it in films such as Wolf of Wall Street to manipulate seemingly normal backgrounds and settings.

As I say, it’s pretty amazing what they can do with special effects these days, and overall I think it’s a positive thing for the film industry.

As long as they don’t over-do it like they’ve been prone to do before, I am A-OK with filmmakers continuing to push the envelope when it comes to visual effects.

Images via YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures/GIPHY

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