Woman On 'This Morning' Can't Find A Boyfriend Because She's "Too Attractive"


Just when you thought you had heard it all, a woman appeared on This Morning to announce to the world that she’s just too good looking.

Our first question? How exactly did she get onto the show? Presumably, she sent in an email, explaining to the ITV team that she had their next breaking news story, and the country needed to hear about her dating troubles.

44-year-old Dawn Cousins had no trouble explaining just how hard it is to be beautiful as she joined Holly and Phil on the much-loved British breakfast show, explaining that it is her looks that get in the way of love.

She even claimed that her kids’ friends had a thing for her, and had occasionally made a move. I don’t know your kids or their mates, Dawn, but I bet they’re not happy with you right now.

But, by far, the best part of the entire interview is Phillip trying not to laugh as she talks about how wonderful she is.


Dawn says:

“Obviously, I’m a very attractive woman… I look very young. I’m very fun and I’m not your typical 44-year-old woman of four children.”

She continued: “So I’m finding that younger guys are messaging me, wanting to take me out, but they just want me because I’m hot.”

Check out the interview:

They referred to Dawn as a ‘vlogger’, so we had a little dig around and discovered her channel called ‘The Dawn Cousin’s Show’.

With a whopping 124 subscribers, she had posted a video called ‘Dawn Cousins Too Hot at 44 to date men her own age?’

She made a video teaching people how to get a girlfriend:

Plus a sex pop quiz with her daaughters:


What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images via This Morning

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