These Are The Ten Best 'Simpsons' Episodes, According to iMDB


The old episodes of The Simpsons may be one of the greatest things to ever grace anyone’s TV screens. You can’t put into words just how good they were, when they pulled them off (which they often did, back in the day).

Sure, things definitely went downhill around the turn of the century and there’s no way in the world that it should still be going; being the shell of its former self that it currently is, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the glory that it used to have… like being a Liverpool fan.

But what are the best episodes? Of course it’s all subjective and there are definitely some weirdos out there who like the new ones. But as for the ratings on iMDB, these are the top ten episodes ever…

10. Last Exit to Springfield (S04,E17)


After Mr Burns tries to take away the power plant staff’s dental plan, Homer becomes the leader of the workers’ union. Despite not knowing what he’s doing to any degree, a battle of wits and haggling ensues between him and Mr Burns, all the while Lisa needs braces.

An absolutely fantastic episode with huge laughs, especially when Homer thinks that Monty is coming on to him, and who can forget…

To this day, 24 years later, if you’re at a party and you don’t know anyone, the way to find out who’s cool is to shout out “DENTAL PLAN!” Whoever shouts “LISA NEEDS BRACES!” back is worth talking to.

9. The Springfield Files (S08,E10)


After a night of heavy drinking, Homer gets lost on his way home and encounters an alien. While no-one believes him, he sets out to prove that it’s true. Eventually Mulder and Scully turn up to get to the bottom of the goings on.

I’m not ashamed to say that this episode terrified me, as a child – no matter how many times the alien said that it came in peace and to not be afraid. Again, like Last Exit to Springfield, maybe this should be higher.

8. Homer the Great (S06,E12)


Jealous of Lenny and Carl’s lavish lifestyles at the power plant, Homer sets up to find out where they go to allow them their new perks. In doing so, he eventually becomes a member of an underground society, until things take a downhill turn, then an uphill one, and then arguably downhill again…

Eighth seems fair for this one. It really is outstanding.

7. Homer the Heretic (S04,E03)


Homer’s fed up with donating his Sunday mornings to church, so he takes it upon himself to skip faith for the foreseeable future. Whilst he’s living it up, the rest of Springfield are freezing their balls off at church. Things aren’t all easy for him though, as he liaises with God in his dreams and Marge has to choose between her husband and her religion.

This had been coming top on a lot of articles I read about best Simpsons episodes, but I was reluctant to watch it (I had seen it, just a while back) because I couldn’t be bothered about an episode revolving around religion. However I did watch it last night and it is really fantastic.

6. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One (S06,E25)


After Springfield Elementary strikes oil and look to be upgrading their resources, Mr Burns taps the source and steals their oil. He later blocks out the sun, meaning that he makes more money from electricity. In retaliation, an unknown citizen shoots him, with the episode ending on the cliffhanger of a whodunit, everyone in Springfield being a suspect.

You don’t need me to tell you that this is a great episode. It’s got laughs, drama and suspense and sixth is probably fair.

5. Treehouse of Horror V (S06,E06)


In this episode, The Simpsons are chosen to look after Mr Burns’ mansion. Obviously because it’s a Halloween episode, things turn into The Shining, except it’s the “Shinning”. In a separate story, Homer accidentally makes a time-machine out of a toaster and changes the course of history for the worse and, finally, the teachers at Springfield Elementary develop a taste for their students.

I was surprised to see a treehouse of horror episode in this list but to be fair, it is very good. Maybe not top ten good, but very good.

4. Cape Feare (S05,E02)


Sideshow Bob is released from prison and immediately sets his sights on killing Bart Simpson. With that, The Simpsons are put in the witness protection programme, and moved to a houseboat. Alas, Bob follows them there, resulting in a climax of tense kidnapping and… singing.

A very amazing episode of The Simpsons and one that deserved to be at number four. Packed with plenty or memorable bits such as Homer adjusting to his new surname, Bart attempting to jump out of the boat and, of course…

3. The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (S09,E01)


Homer lends his car to Barney, who repays the favour by leaving it between the two towers of the World Trade Centre. The Simpsons then visit New York to reclaim their car, much to Homer’s dismay, since he’s convinced the city is out to get him.

I mean, it’s a great episode with lots of very funny moments but it’s definitely not the third best of all time. I’m not even convinced that it’s in the top ten.

2. You Only Move Twice (S08,E02)


Homer accepts a new job and The Simpsons move to Cypress Creek. Everything seems idyllic, especially with Homer’s new boss, Hank Scorpio. Things soon turn sour though as the rest of the family grow to hate their surroundings.

You Only Move Twice is a very strong episode and to this day I don’t know how Hank got his jacket back from Homer…


Uncanny. But is it the second best episode? Probably not.

1. Homer’s Enemy (S08,E23)


A new industrious and had-working young man joins the power plant and immediately takes a disliking to Homer and his dangerously lazy ways. Meanwhile, Bart buys an abandoned factory for one dollar.

If I had one word for this episode, it would be “overrated”. It’s one of the darker episodes of The Simpsons and paints Homer in some of the worst light he’s been in, but it’s not actually that funny… in my opinion.

So there are the top episodes, according to iMDB. I don’t want to say I totally disagree, but Bart of Darkness (Bart breaks his leg, all the while Lisa is living it up in the Simpsons’ new pool. That’s when Bart witnesses a potential murder from his room), Bart’s Girfriend (Bart falls in love with Reverend Lovejoy’s daughter, who turns out to be badder than he is) and Bart On The Road (Bart gets a fake ID and drives to the World’s Fair with his friends. Meanwhile, Lisa spends time with Homer at the plant) should definitely be there and number one might have to be The Lemon Of Troy (the children of Shelbyville steal Springfield’s lemon tree. With that, Bart and co. go to steal it back, with the help of their parents). Maybe I just like the Bart episodes…


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