Some Students Actually Held A Rave in Greggs, And It Looked Amazing


Greggs is the destination for a tasty pastry, coffee, or Belgian bun on the go. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, and the whole shop smells deliciously golden (golden doesn’t actually have a smell but if it did I’m pretty sure it would smell like Greggs). 

But, as some students in Birmingham proved, Greggs is not just a place to go in order to get your sausage roll fix.

Students in Birmingham actually transformed their local Greggs into a club and proceeded to hold a rave there. Party. Goals.

The ‘secret student party’ was kicked off by Nikki Gardner, a University of Birmingham student, who decided to throw a ‘Welcome back to Uni’ bash for her friends, and – surprisingly – Greggs agreed to the whole hoopla.


Proving that their service skills aren’t the only things that are lightening quick, Greggs decked out their shop with club lighting, a sound system, and even a glitter canon in an impressive three hour turn around.

What perhaps made the rave so Greggs-esque were the inflatable neon doughnuts and pizza slices that were being carted around the party.

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While there were no sausage roll inflatable toys, the iconic snacks were being handed out for free to ravers along with steak bakes, thus solving the whole post-night out food dilemma. No need to cut the night short when you get your carby cravings; Greggs were right there to provide a dance-and-munch solution.

As you can imagine, social media was going wild for the event, with the hastag #MinistryofGreggs making the rounds.

What this rave proves is that fast food convenience shops are on our side. Why stop with Greggs! What about mosh pit in McDonald’s or a boozy bash in KFC?


Props to the guy dressed as a pasty.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

Images via Twitter / Facebook / GIPHY / Greggs

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