People Can't Decide What Colour These Trainers Are And It's Sending The Internet Into Meltdown


I’m having serious déjà vu here.

Not in the sense that I’m sat at my desk staring out of the window and wondering what the hell I’m actually doing with my life, déjà vu because I’ve written about a very similar thing before.

We all remember #dressgate don’t we? If you don’t, it was that god-awful blue-black/white-gold dress that sent the internet into meltdown and divided families because people couldn’t decide what colour it actually was.

Clearly it’s white and gold, but the debate raged on throughout 2015, which actually became a welcome distraction from that whole Trump election thing.

Anyway, as the world is caught up in Hollywood sex scandals and on the brink of World War III, we have another welcome distraction to fan the flames of debate.

This time, it comes in the form of a trainer that presents a similarly mind-f*cking problem, as nobody can agree on whether it’s grey and aqua or pink and white.

Nicole Coulthard came across the image and shared it to a Facebook group called Girlsmouth which has more than 98,000 users with the caption:

“Ok girls so my friend has just sent me this asking what colour the shoe is, I would say pale pink and white, but she insists its pale blue and grey. ‘What do you girls see? Please tell me pink and white!”

Here it is for you to decide.

As far as I’m concerned it’s not even up for debate: it’s pink and white.

The thing is I asked around the office and it was genuinely split down the middle, causing a right stir in the meeting this morning.

Loads of people were similarly torn:

In fact, people on Twitter were pretty staunch in their support for each colour:

My head hurts.

Nicole told Metro her friend bought the shoes and sent a picture to her mum, who said that “blue suited her”.

“She texted back saying they are pink mum, but when she looked at the pic she saw blue too,” Nicole said. “She sent it to me and I was convinced they are pink, we had a big argument as she said I only said pink because I knew she had bought pink shoes so that’s why I decided to put it up on Girlsmouth.”

The actual science behind why we are so confused was outlined in a 2015 Business Insider article. Essentially, it’s to do with different wavelengths of light and your sensitivity to it, but it’s way to early in the morning to be going on at length about all that science mumbo-jumbo.

Instead, take to the internet and tell strangers why you’re opinion is the correct one. Which is exactly what the Internet was made for.

Images via Twitter/GIPHY/Nicole Coulthard/Facebook

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