Is This The Nicest Guy That's Ever Appeared On 'First Dates'?


Last night’s episode of ‘First Dates’ gave viewers plenty to drool over on Twitter. And boy, did they drool. 

34-year-old HR advisor Leah was completely swept off her feet by her date – a 37-year-old man from Middlesbrough named Andy, with ‘come to bed eyes‘, and an even more alluring grin.


Twitter immediately leapt into fan-girling mode as Andy made his entrance, pulling out all the stops to make Leah feel less nervous and all the more comfortable around him. What a charmer, eh?

Leah’s issue laid in the fact that she’d often been abandoned by men due to their intimidation of her high-flying career.

As a HR advisor, Leah was quite accustomed to ‘cracking the whip‘ on her fellow employees, and this vast measure of confidence could often trickle through to her relationships.

And whilst most men would initially insist that they loved a confident woman, the romance would always end with them walking away. Understandably, these experiences had turned Leah into something of a guarded lover.

However, with Andy, it seemed that Leah’s walls were just melting down, thanks to his rather steamy looks and even hotter repartee. Aside from showering her with compliments, which he definitely made sure to do, Andy was honest, relatable and, most importantly, funny – which is pretty much a winner according to most standards.

Things seemed to be going so great that Leah didn’t even mind that Andy lived with his mother, despite her being completely against ‘mummy’s boys‘.

When Andy asked her about the best date she’d ever been on, Leah described one where the guy had been polite, caring and good-looking – but the downside was that he’d brought his mother along on the date as well, which in her books (and ours, to be fair) was a completely no-no.

At this point, Andy revealed that he lives with his mother, but definitely would not describe himself as a mummy’s boy. 

Andy also spoke about his experience in dealing with depression and anxiety after a car crash a few years ago.

It hit me massively. I didn’t want to be with anyone. I didn’t even want to be with myself. I ended up getting to the point that I didn’t really want to go on. I didn’t want to be here anymore. It got so deep and so dark so quickly. The place I’m from is an industrial town, and as beautiful as it is, it has that mentality that men don’t do that sort of thing.” Andy confessed, “I’ve had 18 months to get to that point where I am happy and comfortable with myself, so someone else would be the perfect icing on the cake.”

And viewers were more than supportive online:

Despite the clear chemistry between the two, Andy and Leah didn’t end up together, much to the disappointment of viewers.


A few people were quite happy that they didn’t end up together however, simply because it meant that Andy would still be on the market for other potential lovers to have their chance.

Check out some other great reactions to last night’s episode down below:

Have you fallen in love with Andy? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Channel 4 / Twitter

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