The NHS Had An Absolutely Savage Response To Racist Troll On Twitter


Despite its many, many merits, Twitter has somewhat of a reputation for being a “safe space” for trolls. 

(You know, the kind of people who enjoy spewing bile and hatred where it’s absolutely not wanted or welcome. Really no fun at a party…)

One recently decided to attack the NHS, but quickly learnt (the hard way) that just because they can tweet racist drivel, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be tolerated…

Basically, all the way back in June the NHS tweeted, imploring black blood donors to come forward to help people suffering from sickle cell disease.

Most of the replies to this tweet were positive and supportive, at least until last week. Some racist troll – presumably trawling the site from his mum’s basement, just looking for ways to be offensive – replied to suggest that “we deport all blacks” to solve the problem.


I mean that’s not even constructive. Some people are just d*cks, right?

In any case, the NHS weren’t prepared to just shrug this racist comment off. They clapped back at the troll, delivering the kind of simple but effective comeback that

Now that’s a suggestion that we can get on board with…

People certainly got excited:

The troll has since had his account removed by Twitter, who are at least taking some action against people who abuse their platform to promote hate.

If you would like to register to be a blood donor, you can do so here. And while we’re on the subject – you can register for the bone marrow register here, and here to donate your organs (after you die).

Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Images via iStock / Twitter

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