Man Attempts To Kill Spider With A Blowtorch And Ends Up Burning His House Down


All of us, at one time or another, have had to deal with an unwanted guest in our homes.

Furry, disgusting, and prone to making your skin crawl, no I’m not talking about whoever you slept with last night, I am of course referring to spiders, otherwise known as spawns of Satan.

If you’re slightly messed up, getting rid of said evil won’t be a problem, but for all us normal, arachnid-fearing folk, it can be a thoroughly unpleasant ordeal.

True story: when I first moved into my flat in London, I came across what can only be described as the Godzilla of tarantulas.

Such was his size, that at first I assumed he was just another lodger paying rent like I was, but after quickly working out that he was in fact a squatter and could never realistically afford £800 a month, I did what any strapping 25 year-old man would do and screamed for my flatmate to come and get rid of it, which to be fair to her, she did with minimal fuss.

You could tell it wasn’t her first time dispensing of a such a creature because of the ease at which she removed him from my room (which admittedly did make me feel uneasy about how regular these spider visits would be) electing to go for the tried and tested trap-it-in-a-glass technique.

Clearly, this technique has eluded one particular man in Arizona, who felt like a blowtorch was the best way to rid him of his eight-legged problems.

Specifically, he was trying to clear out some spiderwebs underneath his home, but after they caught fire, it sparked a huge blaze that caused his mobile home to set alight.

Officials in Tucson, Arizona, said that fire crews were sent to the scene to stop the fire from spreading, and on arrival found that an elderly woman had been removed from the blaze by her son and some neighbours. Apparently, she was treated at the scene but only suffered minor injuries.

Reports say that it took 23 firefighters eleven minutes to put out the blaze, which has left the elderly woman and man homeless for the time being.

It’s a sad story, but what on earth was the guy thinking using a blow torch, it’d be like getting rid of rats with an AK-47.

I think what we’ve all learnt here is that spiders are not to be f*cked with, but to be fair to the man, he probably did get rid of his spider problem, albeit at the price of his house.

Man 1, Spiders 0.

Images via KVOA/Tucson Fire Deparment/iStock/GIPHY

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