Heinz Tried To Stop People Putting Rude Words On Their Beanz, And They Totally Failed


Heinz Beanz are a cupboard staple. In the event of a nuclear disaster, you can bet that we’ll be eating beans till we die.

Heinz Beanz have just started a promotion where you can add your own name (or your mates) to a can, and they’ll send you the personalised product.

"Colchester, Essex, UK aa February 7, 2013: An isolated tin of Heinz Baked Beans"

Now this kind of a promotion only works for iconic brands. There would be little demand to add your name to a supermarket own brand can of beans, but such is the legendary status of Heinz blue cans, people are eager to have their name etched on the front. – Remember how keen people were to find their name on a Coke can? It’s the little things.

Being fully aware that the public are obsessed with vulgar comments, Heinz have cleverly added filters to the scheme in an attempt to ensure that people don’t add rude or offensive words.

However, this meticulous idea backfired slightly as their vetting system ended up being so stringent that even non-offensive names for booted off the list.

Michelle contains the widely offensive swear word of ‘hell’.

Edward is apparently rude because of the word ‘war’.

And the word Trump is offensive probably because Trump is a f*cking d*ck.

Clearly Heinz have been taking note of the mistakes made by Walkers and The National Lottery, who both ran similar personalisation campaigns earlier this year.

A social campaign by The National Lottery asked people to show their support for the British Athletics team yet was hijacked by a number of Twitter users who posted obscene statements.



Walkers too fell victim to the same kind of hijacking.


Despite Heinz’s hilariously rigorous inspection system, people still figured out a way to pollute the campaign with obscenity. – The public really are sh*ts aren’t they? Give us one ounce of freedom and we decide to throw as many profanities around as we can.

Apparently, all you have to do to hijack the system is add in a double letter.

Screen-Shot-2017-10-17-at-08.25.38 Screen-Shot-2017-10-17-at-08.23.44

Or you can remove a letter.


Immature sure, but also pretty hilarious.

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Images via Twitter / iStock / The Poke 

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