This Guy's Tinder Account Has An Absolutely Genius Twist At The End


Tinder’s gone a bit barren for me over the last couple of… years. I want to say that it started off so well but really, it didn’t. Think of it as a tap slowly dripping into a dusty bathtub. That’s matches for me. Eventually the tub will fill, but the water will be stagnant and I’ll still be a prick who can’t text.

I’m starting to think it’s just me, though… or my face. I think I’ve got a decent profile going with a fairly funny bio and a decent range of photos, so it has to be on a more physical level, I suppose. Oh well.

Anyway, it might help if my profile was more “grabby”, so to speak. I need something to draw the ladies in, something that will make them want more, or at least make it to my bio.

One guy, Jesse, has the perfect solution, in an interactive photo album.

Honestly, this is inspired. It’s a wonder how he thought of it…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Sure, it’s a lot of effort and not something I’d have the will power to attempt, but you’ve got to respect Jesse for having a bash, and pulling it off so spectacularly… two accidental wanking innuendos there.

Images via Imgur

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