Gin Filled Christmas Crackers Are Here To Make Your Life Better


Earlier this morning I wrote an article about Aldi’s gin flavoured mince pies and questioned whether the whole gin obsession had gone just a tad too far.

As I begin my second gin-Christmas article of the day I can confirm that yes, things have gone too far. And I’m loving it.

To add to the list of gin mince pies, gin advent calendars, gin baubles, and Sipsmith’s hangable mini gin bottles are gin-filled Christmas crackers.

Now the usual gifts found in Christmas crackers are suitably sh*t. You might get a photo-frame, a paperclip, perhaps a mini-sewing kit or an itsy-bitsy screw driver – all things that you neither want nor need and will probably end up on the floor, only to be swallowed by the dog.

Part of the reason cracker gifts are so subpar is that considering you’ve probably opened about 20 presents that day already, by Christmas dinner you don’t actually deserve any more.

That being said, we’re all at the age where we’ve figured out that it really doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, or “deserve” gifts; you’re going to get them anyway. Continuing with this attitude, why shouldn’t Christmas crackers be filled with superior nic-nacs? The more presents the merrier.

Drinks By The Dram have just announced their gin-filled Christmas crackers to make the stakes a little higher when your family are embarking upon the cracker pulling tradition.

gin christmas

Included in a set of six Drinks By The Dram crackers are a Bathtub Gin, Cream Gin, Origin Perugia Italy, 1897 Quinine Gin, Moonshine Kid- Dog’s Nose, Bathtub Gin- Old Tom.


However, before you get too excited about the prospect of acquiring a mini gin product instead of a spinning top this year, the set of gin crackers will set you back £31.99. Pricey yes, but they do also include a traditionally cr*ppy joke and those iconic paper party hats.

Friends sat side by side at a dining-table drinking at Christmas. They are having a laugh as someone reads a joke from a christmas cracker. Close up

With the Christmas fetish for gin showing no sign of slowing down, my advice is to lean into it and enjoy all the boozy fun.

Would you like these? Let us know in the comments.

Images via GIPHY / Drinks By The Dram / Amazon / iStock 

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