‘First Dates’ Viewers Left In Awe Of Firefighter Who Attended Grenfell Tower Disaster


There’s something so intriguing about watching people meet for the first time.

Tinder dates are nerve-wracking enough as it is, so I can’t imagine the prospect of going on a date with someone that you literally know nothing about. Sure they’ve been vetted by the First Dates team and good old love-guru Fred Sirieix, but the idea of struggling through those initial painful moments while three cameras are trained on you is sort of my idea of hell, and I wouldn’t even consider myself as being bad at first dates.

That being said, I am more than glad that people are willing to subject themselves to this kind of torture because it makes for brilliant TV.

First Dates was back on our screens last night, and the episode certainly did not disappoint.

Last night’s episode saw viewers left in admiration of a firefighter who actually attended the Grenfell Tower fire.

Firefighter Nikki inspired viewers everywhere with her revelation that she had been helping at the tower block blaze in June this year.


Matched with rugby player Ross, Nikki called the experience “horrific”, stating that she “could literally not have given any more”, physically or mentally, that evening.

She claimed:

“You can still do the best you can do but it’s not good enough to save everybody…

“I did manage to bring somebody out – more than one – so if I’ve done something that’s saved somebody’s life then I can call upon that to help me through a bit.”


London, UK - July 5, 2017: Railings close to Grenfell Tower covered in memorials to those killed and missing. At least 80 people are thought to have died in the fire in the council tower block of flats in Kensington, London.

The total death toll of the disaster is sadly still unknown and many residents are still yet to be placed in suitable accommodation.

Nikki’s honest and heartfelt account of the incident, which saw 40 fire engines and more than 200 firefighters tackling the blaze, left many social media users calling her a ‘hero’- and quite rightly.

And it seems like social media weren’t the only ones who were simply blown away by Nikki. Her date, Ross, also seemed pretty inspired. It turns out the two of them not only went on a second date but are now officially an item.

All. The. Feels.

This series has had some interesting pairings, with one woman even walking out on her beau before the meal could be finished in what was perhaps the worst first date ever.

Needless to say, her attitude left many viewers incensed.

Have you been watching this series? Let us know in the comments.

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