Banned Horror That Was Too Violent And Brutal For Cinemas Finally Gets Released


For anyone that’s a regular follower of The Hook, or indeed the articles that I write (which is probably not that many of you) you’ll know that horror films aren’t exactly my favourite genre of movies.

Whenever I’ve tried to watch them they always just seem a little dull and not that particularly scary, especially if they’re based on the supernatural or any of that other-worldly nonsense that I really struggle to get into.

The rare few that do manage to impress me are usually grounded in real-life events and what I’d call ‘true’ horror, which is why this documentary-style horror film might actually be something I can get on board with.

It’s called The Poughkeepsie Tapes, and whilst it’s not a new film, it’s certainly developed a kind of semi-cult status since it was made almost a decade ago. The cult following developed after the film was pulled from theatres in 2008 for various reasons that still aren’t fully known (some speculate it’s because of the film’s graphic nature, others believe it to be legal disputes), but now, finally, it’s got a world-wide release on DVD.

Filmed in a similar style to The Blair Witch Project, the film concerns a serial killer from the 90’s who terrorized New York, leaving behind some of the most violent and graphic video evidence ever found.

After police raided the killer’s home, they discovered over 800 video tapes depicting him brutally torturing, murdering, abducting, and mutilating his victims (see what I mean about it being so graphic).

The film is loosely based on a serial killer from Poughkeepsie called Kendall Francois, who murdered eight women between 1996 to 1998.

One of the most disturbing scenes from the film involves the killer performing (and filming) a C-section on an unconscious young woman, then placing her husband’s severed head inside her stomach and sewing her back up.

Horrifying stuff.

Here’s what people on Twitter had to say about it:

Directed by brothers Drew and John Erick Dowdle (QuarantineAs Above, So Below), the film has been picked up by Scream Factory and was released to Blu-ray and DVD on 10th Oct, so you should be able to purchase it now.

If you dare.

Images via Twitter/Scream Factory

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