Bad News Beer Enthusiasts: This Type Of Ale Could Be Giving You Man Boobs


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate beer.

A cold brewski on a red hot day is simply unbeatable, and I’ve never trusted anyone that refuses its delicious, golden fizz. In fact, I had a friend throughout college called Mike who refused to drink beer if we ever went to a pub, opting instead for a cider because he ‘didn’t like the taste.’ Needless to say, Mike was quickly and mercilessly ousted from the group, with the irony of it all being that he’s currently working in an ale house.

Karma’s a bitch (although I don’t want to say too much because knowing my luck I’ll end up getting sacked and have to go and work at one of those LAD mags).

Anyway, as I profess my love for ale like there’s absolutely zero drawback from chugging it back like a university student taking part in a rugby initiation, there are, apparently, some health implications to drinking this magical elixir.

Yeah there’s all that stuff about liver failure and stuff (yawn) but there’s also the obvious, physical downsides that we seem to care about more, such as it giving you a red nose and a dad bod.

Apparently though, a big gut should be the least of our worries, because some beers – specifically IPAs – are giving men of the world an enviable set of moobs (or man-boobs for the uneducated).

Indian Pale Ales are brewed differently to normal beers, boasting loads more hops which contain phytoestrogens (compounds that naturally occur in plants) which can contribute to a man developing gynaecomastia – the posh word for man boobs.

Specifically, phytoestrogens contain the female hormone oestrogen, hence the glorious rack you can develop from having too much of the stuff.

And the bad news doesn’t end there either, beers fans, because IPAs can also contribute to something known as ‘brewers drop’ – which refers to the erectile dysfunction many men experience after drinking too much.

Herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner writes in his bookSacred and Herbal Healing Beers: “[From] long-term exposure to the estrogenic properties of hops, [they] eventually have difficulty sustaining erection.”

Before you start worrying about your limp dick and busty chest, just remember that the problem is easily remedied. Firstly, you’d need to drink copious amounts of IPAs to get a decent cup size, so if you only have the odd one it shouldn’t affect you, and secondly, just exercise and eat a bit better and you’ll be back to normal in no time at all.

Throwing weights about raises testosterone which combats the oestrogen, so if you balance it right, you can work out and drink loads of beer and stay exactly the same.


It’s interesting that working out raises testosterone, though. Probably explains why every gym nut is always so angry. 

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