It Turns Out There's Actually A Pattern To The Deaths On 'Game Of Thrones'


Warning: Death-related spoilers if you’re not up to date with Game Of Thrones.

If there’s one thing Game Of Thrones is good at, it’s killing off characters.

Show runners may have been slacking a little this recent season, probably because the source material from the brutal George RR Martin has run out and less bloodthirsty show writers have taken over, but GOT is notorious for killing people.

Here’s a compilation video to remind you (play some classical music over the top for added entertainment):

Right, back to the point at hand; a pattern in the deaths on Game Of Thrones. One particularly attentive GOT fan has noticed there’s definitely a pattern to the character deaths in the show.

razobak09 took to the Game of Thrones subreddit to point out that Littlefinger joined a long list of characters whose death reflected the terrible things he did in his life.

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What do we mean, you ask? Well, Littlefinger betrayed Ned Stark, holding his Valyrian dagger to this throat. Littlefinger’s throat was later slashed by Arya with the same blade.

Now, think back to some of the other show deaths. Ned Stark was beheaded, and in the first episode he was seen beheading a deserter of the Night’s Watch. Tywin Lannister ordered the Red Wedding, in which crossbow wielding musicians killed Stark men, Tywin was later killed with a crossbow.

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There’s more; Roose Bolton was killed with a knife to the heart, after he killed fan favourite Robb Stark in the same way. Walder Frey’s throat was violently slit after ordering the same be done to Catelyn Stark, and Ramsey Bolton was fed to his hounds after years of doing the same to others.

Olenna died by poison, and was the one responsible for poisoning dear young Joffrey. The Sand Snakes were all killed in ways that linked to their preferred methods of killing; one was strangled with her own whip, another killed with her own spear, and the final one killed with her favourite poison.

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Think that’s it? No, there’s still more. Ygritte, a master archer who killed many with her arrows, died from an arrow. Jon Snow killed his brother of the Night’s Watch Qhorin Halfhand, and was later killed by his own brothers. Lisa Arryn bloody loved pushing people through the gaping moon door, and later came to the same fate.

Everything is suddenly falling into place, right? There are, admittedly, a few deaths that don’t seem to fit the pattern – but maybe we’re just not looking at them in the right way.


There are a few who kind of fit the pattern, razobak09 suggests that Joffrey gave the order to kill Ned Stark, and died in a way that made him unable to speak. Also, as a character he was pretty poisonous, so poison makes sense. The other we came up with here at The Hook, is Khal Drogo. It could be argued that he killed Vicerys out of love for Daenerys, and was then killed because of Daenerys’ love for him. In her desperation to save him, she turned to a witch who cursed him to live in a vegetative state forever.


Eh? Eh?

Maybe this “get what you give” theory can be used to predict the deaths of remaining characters. By that theory, Daenerys is burned to death (probably by the ice dragon). Arya would be killed by one of the Faceless men, the Mountain would have his head crushed and half his face burned, Jon Snow would become a wight or White Walker.  Someone would hire a different sellsword to kill Bronn, Jaime will die after being pushed out of a window, and Cersei will die by wildfire or from being locked in a dungeon.

We can’t wait.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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