Things Got Awkward On 'First Dates' After This Woman Made A Shocking Cheating Admission


We’re all inherently nosy, and can’t help but lean in to hear more details when you hear something juicy being talked about in public. This is why we love ‘First Dates’, right?

The effort of being nosy is taken away, and the material is literally handed to us on a well edited plate, from several angles and with great audio. We can eavesdrop on as many blind dates as our little hearts can handle – hearing every possible awkward  conversation there is.

The moment a guy asks his date if she’s a virgin? Check. The moment a guy asks his date to leave halfway through, so he can finish his steak in peace? Check. The moment a woman has to admit to the guy she’s on a date with that she’s cheated in the past? Check.

So satisfying to every nosy bone in our bodies (and boy do we have a lot of them). Today we’re going to focus on that last one, as daters Cece and Collins faced the most awkward of conversations. Collins admitted he had been cheated on in the past, and when asked if she had cheated herself, Cece looked sheepish.

“Trust and loyalty is something that’s really important to me,” he tells her, and she asks: “So, you’re not really into cheaters?”

giphy (47)

She then opens up about her history with cheating, admitting that she had in the past but there was “no excuse”. Needless to say, the poor guy doesn’t look too impressed:


She opened up about it, telling her date:

“There’s no excuse for it… after I did it I thought it would be, like ‘fair and square so we can move on’, but I just hated myself.”

Viewers weren’t quite sure how to feel about it:

The pair ended up leaving together in a black cab, despite the old adage: “once a cheat, always a cheat”.

And on the topic of successful dates – viewers who’ve been watching the show for a while will remember Sarah and Phil. Sarah lost her leg to cancer and wore a prosthetic, and the pair bonded over a joint understanding of the battle against cancer. Phil had lost his mum to breast cancer, and the pair clicked instantly.

Fans totally fell in love with the pair, and the tissues came out when Phil fulfilled one of Sarah’s dreams by carrying her down the beach to see the sea. Sob.

The good news? A year later, the pair are reported to still be going strong.

Sarah has said:

“Phil is my first long-term boyfriend. When we’re together we do get recognised, which is weird but nice. I might be missing a leg, but Phil’s shown me I’m complete just the way I am.”

Oh, our hearts can’t take it.


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