There's A 'Game Of Thrones' Festival Happening Soon And It Looks Incredible


There’s a hole in our lives where ‘Game Of Thrones’ used to be, and many of us are left wandering aimlessly, with no purpose. 

For almost two months we tuned in weekly for our dose of dragons and incest, but now we will have to wait until 2019 before we are rewarded with any more. What do we do in the meantime?

Find alternative shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, to start with. Maybe a historical drama, or a murder mystery. Anything to fill that hole. And when you’re not half heartedly watching other shows, cheat on them with GOT. Read more fan theories, develop theories of your own, admire Jon Snow’s butt a little bit more. You know you want to.


And then, finally, if you’re still not content – buy yourself a ticket to the Game Of Thrones themed festival held at the filming locations in Belfast. But don’t tell your new show about it.

Called Winterfell Festival (obviously) the hoo-haa is being held on the 24th of September and includes a tour of 22 of the show’s iconic filming locations, a meet and greet with two minor members of the cast, plus two of the ‘direwolves’ aka dogs used in the filming of the show. A dream.

Attendees will be issued with replica Northern cloaks, swords and be taught how to shoot a bow an arrow. They will also take turns to find fake Lannisters having sex in the tower and be pushed from the window… Only kidding, but we do think that would be a fun addition.

Ser Meryn Trant (Ian Beattie) and Bowen Marsh (Michael Condron) will be hosting a series of ‘walk and talks’ during the day, so you can get your fill of anecdotes about what it’s like filming for Game Of Thrones, or whether Kit Harington’s butt is actually that peachy in real life. All important stuff.

On the tour you will be able to walk through the Winterfell gates that we saw Arya sneak through last season, the courtyard where the the Starks received Robert Baratheon in season 1, the battle ground where Robb Stark prepared to fight the Lannisters, and the horrible castle of Walder Frey that was host to the Red Wedding.

Check out some of the locations in this video (plus some added CGI for those with less imagination):

You will be able  to take part in an archery competition, and pop a squat on a replica of the iron throne. Armourer Boyd Rankin, who starred as Mikken in Game of Thrones will be there to showcase a selection of weapons he forged specially for characters on the show, and there will be demonstrations of medieval jousting and other exciting things throughout the day.

All of your Game Of Thrones dreams may come true in one day, but the only thing missing is dragons.

For more details or to book tickets to the festival, click here.

Will you be going? Let us know in the comments!

Images via HBO, Instagram / @GOT_direwolves

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