Ten Common Sex Myths That You Probably Still Believe...


Isn’t sex great? Right now for me it’s a lot like the film ‘Shark Tale’; I certainly remember enjoying it but it’s been too long now for me to be able to give it a solid review.

That being said, I can get with the vibes of the internet and conclude that yes, sex is a good thing and Shark Tale had its moments.

But what’s the deal with all of the myths about sex? Do they just exist to put us off or is there truth in them?

Well, there’s truth in some of them, presumably, but I’m not talking about those ones – I’m talking about the fake ones…


1. Men think about sex every seven seconds

Men are little rutbags, aren’t they? Thinking of shagging exactly 12,336 times a day. Disgusting.

Actually, they’re not, as the real number is considerably lower. There’s no study to back up the seven second thing, however there is a study that says the number is closer to 19 times a day.

With that being said, I think it really depends on your mood and where you are in your life. I’m going through a particularly testing dry patch right now and I think I went way past 19 before I’d brushed my teeth this morning.

2. Pulling out is ineffective as contraception

This one’s a bit of a shocker. Everyone goes on about how fellas who use the pull-out method are idiots and that’s why they have so many kids and spread diseases, but it turns out it actually has its merits.


A study in 2014 said about pulling out that it’s “as effective as condoms at preventing pregnancy” whilst another study said that if it were practised with perfect timing, only 4% of women would get pregnant from it.

Still though, nothing about preventing the spread of STDs, so use a johnny.

3. You can’t get pregnant if you’re already pregnant

This feels like it should be accompanied with the meme of that guy tapping his head.


That’s better.

Anyway, what’s known as superfetation can happen, it’s just very rare. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman said about it:

Here’s how it happens — egg and sperm, implant. Of course, that’s your first pregnancy. But if you ovulate more than one time a month — and women do — and a sperm happens to meet that egg and they, too, implant, guess what, you get a second fetus. You just have to hope it happens within that early window.”

It’s like a one in three million shot though, so mainly don’t worry about it.

4. You lose your virginity when the penis goes in the vagina

So apparently one’s virginity is just a social construct, and isn’t dictated by penetrative sex and “cherry popping”.


Everyone’s perceptions about virginity are different and whilst some people might count a blowjob as losing the V-plates, others won’t. Relationship and sex expert Kristen Mark, Ph.D. said:

There’s no universal consensus on what behaviours constitute having sex. [The concept of] ‘virginity’ is very heterocentric. It really excludes a large number of people who may consider themselves as having lost their virginity, but that definition is going to be very different for them.

5. The clitoris is tiny and hard to find

Everyone goes on about how hard it is to find the clitoris and there’s even a whole South Park episode about it, but the truth is it’s fucking massive – about the size of a courgette.

What’s annoying though (or perhaps good because that would look fucking awful on show) is that only the tip of it is visible above the ol’ vulva.

On top of that, even though the visible bit is only like one inch big, why is it a trope that men have trouble finding it? It’s just, like, there. It would be like struggling to find the stem on an apple. How stupid do you have to be?

6. Shoe and penis size are totally correlated

There’s simply no research to back that little wives’ tale up. That’s it, really. The same goes for hands and ears. No correlation whatsoever.


7. Vaginas are loosened the more sex you have

The size and shape and tightness and whatnot of one’s vagina/labia/vulva is not affected by how much one uses one’s vagina. Basically, you can fuck all you like, nothing’s getting baggy… not because of that, anyway.

So regardless of penis size, sex rigorousness and frequency of shaggings, your vagina is largely staying the way it is.

8. The longer, the better

A UCLA study conducted a survey where they gave a load of women 3D-printed penises of all different sizes (science dildos) and got them to choose which one they liked they best. They when for six and a half inches, overall, which is only a bit over average.

Furthermore, the G-Spot in a vagina is only two inches in, meaning that the head of a penis will often miss it if it’s too long.


9. Pineapple makes your cum taste nice(r)

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that eating certain foods correlates to the taste of one’s ejaculate.

There is, however, evidence that every man’s semen contains different amounts of sodium, meaning that they taste different. With that in mind, urologists claim that there is no way for a man to alter the taste of his semen.

Potentially annoying for some.

10. Sex burns loads of calories 

You get those people who say shit like having sex is the equivalent of running a half-marathon or something, but it really isn’t. Sadly, the average session of sex only burns 21 calories… that’s like four Maltesers.

Just go for a run.


So there you have it. Be safe out there. Use a condom, say please and thank you, clean up after yourself and remember to say grace before, during and after.

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