Survey Made A Surprising Discovery About People's Favourite Sexual Behaviours


Well, it’s about time that we admitted it. 

We might like to pretend that we’re swinging from ceilings, indulging in orgies and exhausting the Kama Sutra in the space of one orgasmic afternoon, but it turns out that deep down, we’re a pretty vanilla bunch.


A recent sex study (looking at 2,000 people, 91% of which were heterosexual and 9% of which identified as gay) has found that our favourite sexual behaviours include “kissing”, “cuddling”, and “saying sweet/romantic things.”  We also love just “being held.” 

While the participants of the study reported being “intrigued” by more outlandish sexual acts (such as “spanking, whipping, partnered masturbation, role playing, bondage, oral sex, and having sex in public”) a relatively small percentage had actually engaged in them.

It seems that we all have pretty similar sex lives, and that they’re all pretty PG 13…


What do we enjoy? Well, 43% of men and 37% of women had engaged in anal sex, while 92% of the male participants had – at some point in their lives – masturbated. Only 79% of the women had done the same.

10% of the women had at some point licked of sucked someone’s toes, while 25% of the men were into it.


65% of the men had taken and/or shared nude photos of themselves, compared to just 54% of the female participants.

When it came to wearing lingerie or underwear in a sexual context, 75% of women and 26% of men were into it.

To be honest, this survey should come as reassuring. Scientists wax lyrical about how sexually superior robots are going to turn people off each other, but can a robot hold you? Whisper sweet nothings? Kiss and cuddle until morning comes?

To be honest, they probably can…

Are you shocked at how vanilla people are? Or did you always suspect that the human race is all mouth and no trousers?

Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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