Study Reveals That Brits Are At Their Happiest Inside A Pub


The Great British pub: A Great British institution.

A pub isn’t just a place to slurp the finest ales in the land – oh no, no, no – a pub is a home from home, a place for people to escape to and forget the troubles of the outside world, and most importantly, a safe haven offering shelter, familiarity, warmth and comfort.

Okay, so I might have overdone it a bit there, but they’re a bit bloody good, aren’t they?

So good in fact, that they’re where we’re at our happiest in life, at least according to a new survey, anyway.

A survey conducted by St Austell Brewery found that of the 2,000 people polled, over a quarter were most content when sat in their local.

I suppose it’s no coincidence that ‘locals’ sell alcohol, and the people surveyed are just confusing contentment with being hammered.

Anyway, the survey was done in aid of Cask Ale Week, which runs until 1st October.

St Austell Brewery CEO James Staughton said:

“Pubs in Britain have a long and interesting history, with some having stood for centuries, serving all kinds of people – from the richest to the poorest.

And the fact that more people say they’re happier in the pub than in a park, while driving or even while shopping just goes to prove how much we love popping out for a pint.

We wanted to find out not only how many Brits say they feel happiest in the pub, but some of the reasons why.”

There were a load of other findings from the survey so I’ll just rattle some of the best bits off here:

One in five Brits said they’re on first name terms with the staff at their local.

Lager is, unsurprisingly, the most sought after drink.

A third reckoned a pub is where they laugh the most.

Pubs were the number one place to catch up with mates, ahead of restaurants and the gym (whatever that is).

St Austell Brewery also listed the top 10 reasons for going to a pub:

1. Catching up with friends

2. The atmosphere

3. The opportunity to have a few drinks

4. Laughing with friends

5. The food

6. Somewhere I can drink real ale

7. It’s close to home

8. Having a romantic night with partner

9. Playing pool

10. Playing fruit/quiz machines

Wtf. Have a ‘romantic’ night at a pub? Are you mental?

To play fruit machines?

It’s close to home? Something being close isn’t a reason for going somewhere. I live near a cemetery but I don’t go there because it’s convenient.

As you can tell, I’m not convinced, so these are what I think the top 10 reasons for going to a pub are:

1. To get hammered

2. You’re single

3. You’re lonely

4. To get hammered

5. The ambiance

6. You haven’t got a girlfriend

7. They’re showing live football and you haven’t got a BT/Sky Sports subscription

8. To meet your other single mates

9. You hope the girls there are just as desperate as you

10. To get hammered

Even though I banged on about how good pubs are at the beginning of this article, really, they’re overly reliant on alcohol. Like, alcohol is kind of the glue holding the whole thing together – take that away and really they’re just awfully depressing places where old men meet to eat bags of crisps.

Bit weird.

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