Someone On 'Bake Off' Accidentally Made A Penis And People Couldn't Handle It


Warning: Bake Off spoilers… if there is such a thing. Don’t read if you don’t want to find out what was baked last night.

It doesn’t matter how technically old we get, we will always be children at heart, right? That was seemingly proved last night when the bakers crafted their showstoppers.

Julie, one of the best bakers so far, designed an ambitious ‘Snail under the Mushroom’ bread sculpture for her entry.


Spotted anything funny about the design yet? All of the viewers at home certainly did.

Paul, when admiring her masterpiece, said “I like the snail” before sniggering. Smooth.

And then the judges were forced to actually try the bread:

And then we found out what it takes to become star baker. One must bake phallic looking animals into their creations, for the entertainment of all. After her duty to Queen and Country, Julia was awarded the prize of Star Baker.


Look at that smug smile, she knows exactly what she did.

Do you think it looked more like a penis or snail? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Channel 4

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