Somebody Edited Together Every Insult Uttered By The Hound And It's F*cking Brilliant


Warning: this video has clips from every season of Game Of Thrones, so if you’re behind in any way and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch this. And stop clicking GOT articles, seriously.

Hello and welcome to a mini shrine in honour of one of the most underrated ‘Game Of Thrones’ characters, The Hound. 

If anyone reminds us of Shrek with all his oniony layers, it’s this bloke. He’s rough around the edges, gruff, a bit mean, but there’s definitely a lot more to him than we give him credit for.

Some of our favourites have to be the time he told someone “You’re shit at dying”, the many, many times he said  “fuck the king”, and… well, every other line he’s ever had.

In case you need reminding of his brilliance, here’s a supercut of some of his best bits:

So bloody good.

And while we have you in a Houndish mood, here’s a super cut of every Game Of Thrones death:

And while we’re appreciate the workmanship of YouTubers, here’s an edit someone made that manages to make Joffrey look like the hero of the story:

But, as the Hound often says, fuck the King.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Images via HBO

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