Ned Stark Hid A Major Clue In Jon Snow's Name And We All Missed It


Spoiler warning, in case you still haven’t finished season seven of Game of Thrones…

It has been just over a week since the finale of Game of Thrones season seven aired, and the hype is slowly but surely beginning to dwindle. Daenerys boned her nephew, the Night King melted the wall and Jaime finally left his toxic life of twincest behind for a new adventure in the North (hopefully alongside Brienne of Tarth – if Tormund isn’t still alive, that is).

As much as there were several pleasing moments in that finale, it also presented viewers with a whole new onslaught of potential problems. However, seeing as season eight probably won’t be hitting our screens until 2019, we probably won’t be that invested just yet.

Having said that, it never hurts to point out a few hidden gems that could shed light on the seasons that we’ve seen so far. For example, this new detail reveals that Ned Stark actually dropped one massive clue about Jon Snow’s heritage in plain sight – and no-one even realised it.

According to one clever Redditor, Ned Stark hinted at Jon Snow’s true parentage by giving him a name that had a special meaning. Check out the explanation down below:

“I know this has probably already occurred to everybody, but I was thinking about how Ned named his three sons after people who were close to him. Robb is named after Robert Baratheon, Bran is named after Ned’s brother Brandon, and Rickon is named after Ned’s father. But then I remembered that Jon is named after Jon Arryn, the man who wasn’t Ned’s father, but raised him like a son. That’s a really beautiful detail.”

This little details reveals that George R.R. Martin knew, from the beginning of the books, where he was heading with Jon Snow’s story. Ned Stark promised his sister, Lyanna, that he would care for Jon as his own son, and, as a true testament to this promise, he named Jon after the man who essentially did the same thing for him – Jon Arryn.

Of course, as we probably all know by now, Jon’s real name is actually Aegon Targaryen, but the fact that Ned took such care in naming him just goes to show that he genuinely did intend to obey his sister’s wishes and love Jon like his very own son – which he did end up doing, up until his dying day.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

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