Man Whose Date Threw Poo Out Window Hilariously Re-enacts The Scene On 'This Morning'


Anyone who has had access to the internet for the past few weeks will have heard the hilarious tale of the man whose date threw poo out of his window and then got stuck when trying to get it back. 

How thrilling. The date started in Nando’s and ended back at his flat where the pair decided to Lous Theroux and chill. The chill part was ruined when his date ventured into the loo, got scared when her brown one wouldn’t flush, grabbed it and threw it out of the window, before realising the window wasn’t actually a window.

I mean, it was a window, but it also kinda wasn’t. As windows go, they normally go out onto the street or garden, but this one went out onto another window, so her poo was just wedged between the two. Uh oh. After what we can assume was a minor panic, she came back out of the loo, told her date everything, but told him not to worry – she was an amateur gymnast and was pretty sure she could reach it to grab it.

She did eventually reach the poo, grabbing it in a sandwich bag and passing it back to her date. But then, she realised she couldn’t get back out, and her date was forced to call the fire brigade.


The entertained fireman managed to retrieve the embarrassed girl, but smashed his window in the process. The poster of the tale was a poor student, and so unable to afford to replace a whole window, he decided to share the story online and ask for the internet’s help. And boy, did he get it.

He asked for the £200 odd it would take to pay for a window, and ending up raising over £2,000. He’s vowed to split all unneeded window funds to two charities, one that builds toilets for those who need them and one that supports firemen. Bravo.


Phillip and Holly invited him, now known to be University of Bristol student Liam Smith, onto This Morning and asked him to re-enact the moment she got stuck.


He also revealed that they did go on to have a second date after the poo drama, but mostly to discuss the creation of a GoFundme page to pay for the damages. Liam says the pair will remain friends.

Nothing like throwing your poo out of the window to get you put in the friendzone, eh?

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Images via This Morning, GoFundMe / Liam Smith


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