Man Trying To Catch A Rat With His Cat Going Horribly Wrong Might Be The Best Video On The Internet


I know a good number of people who hate cats but got one because they had a mouse/rat problem in the house. The logic is sound, after all, cats kill mice and mice get killed by cats – it’s almost the perfect solution.

The thing is though, whilst natural instinct should kick in, some domesticated cats are pretty shit at doing their cat duties. My mum got a cat when she was young that attacked her and not the mice it was bought to kill. Pointless animal.

But what if you get a cat that’s straight up afraid of rats? That would be like an “all-encompassing” politician being afraid of immigration (look at me being all topical yet vague).


Well, one guy does have a cat that’s afraid of rats and he tried to use it to catch one. What’s hilarious though is that he’s equally afraid.

Honestly this might be the best video on the internet. Give it a watch…

Smart move, wearing the hood. That way the rat can’t pull on Pixar Ratatouille shit on him.

How amazing are the noises though? He starts so confident with his rake and ends of crying like a maiden. Meanwhile his cat’s playing the floor is lava and he slams the door on its head.

To be fair, it was a pretty big rat but I don’t understand why he elected to catch it. Did he not know that he was afraid of rats? I feel like we learned something about him at the same time he did.

Honestly it’s like trying to become an F1 driver and realising you’re scared shitless of cars… christ my metaphors have been awful so far.

Regardless, I’m so happy that this video exists and I feel enriched for watching it multiple times. You know what? I’m putting it in again. That’s how good it is.

Maybe once more…

That’s enough, surely?

2017 has peaked.

Images via YouTube, Cartoon Network

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