Hodor From 'Game Of Thrones' Has Been Living It Up, DJing in Ibiza


I’m not big on Game of Thrones, I’ll be honest with you. I tried to get into it when it started, never saw the draw and gave up. A few years later when I started working here, I gave it another go – still no such luck.

Jon seems pretty cool?

But with all of that said, I’m practically forced into watching certain parts of certain episodes. Sometimes I’m the only one in the office that doesn’t care about spoilers so I’m made to proof-read a lot of GoT articles. And I’ve got to say, the bit where Hodor dies got me.

You know, I didn’t know much, if anything, about his backstory and I had to be told that he was mute and not all there before I watched the clip. Man, I was surprisingly sad by the end of it, and all of those “hold the door” jokes on Twitter suddenly made sense.

But anyway, it’s been a while now since he (or Kristian Nairn, the man who plays him) graced our screens and I’m sure you all want to know what he’s been up to in his absence.

Apparently he’s just been being a really cool guy, DJing in Ibiza…

I mean. come on. That’s cool, isn’t it? You’re in the world’s most popular TV show ever, you’re killed by what are essentially ice zombies and then you kick it in Ibiza. Living the dream.

How cool do you want to be?

Apparently he’s really good at it too…

This isn’t his first rodeo either. Nairn’s pretty proficient in the ol’ DJ world… and that may have been the least cool thing I’ve ever said.

Rave of Thrones. Genius.

Images via Club Mambo Ibiza, HBO

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