Hilarious "Out Of Context Joffrey" Video Makes Him Seem Like A Saint


If there’s one ‘Game Of Thrones’ character that was unanimously hated by all – it was Joffrey. 

There was something, okay many things, about him that just made your skin prickle. Such a bloody annoying little shit with a crown, nobody likes that.


He was awful, but he made the show interesting, we’ll admit. We loved to hate him. And then he died and we all rejoiced, but also kind of missed him a bit.

One YouTuber took lots of Joffrey moments out of context, mixed them all up and added a lovely soundtrack – and suddenly the blonde bastard seems like the hero of the show.

Wow. The power of editing and nice music is so very real.

And just so you don’t leave this article thinking Joffrey is great, here’s a reminder of how shitty he was:

Ugh, Joffey.

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Images via HBO

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