This Guy's Hilarious Attempt To Scare His Grandma Ends In Total Disaster


I’m going to be honest here, I’m not the biggest fan of prank videos.

I realise that many a millennial makes a career out of doing pranks to their girlfriend or whatever, but to me they just seem really scripted and are hardly ever that funny. I actually think it’s probably one of the lowest forms of comedy, but hey, maybe I’ve just got a more sophisticated sense of humour than most of my generation.

Having said that, this particular prank did actually cause me to chuckle quite a lot, which let me tell you is as rare as unicorn poop.

It’s called the ‘ghost in the mirror’ prank, which essentially sees a young lad dress up as a ghost in order to scare the shit out of his grandma.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, he has one last go, and by the looks of it, it ends in a lot of pain.

Check it out below:

Firstly, can I just say that I actually enjoyed the sounds effects and amateurish editing, it just makes the whole thing even sillier, which I really appreciated.

The video starts with the young gentleman preparing to put the fear of god into his beloved nan by dressing up as a ‘ghost’. He looks more like Jesus than a ghost but I’ll let that slide.

He then takes his position behind a door in the bathroom, explaining that every morning his grandma comes into the room to comb her hair, something which he calls ‘bonus time’.

As the video plays out, granny enters the bathroom, and, nothing.

How the hell does she not notice him stood right there behind her?!

I suppose at 6am I’m pretty oblivious to my surroundings too so maybe that’s why.

There are a few more unsuccessful attempts, even after his granddad’s intervention and ‘Super Bonus Time’, and eventually she spots the ghoulish being lurking behind her, and her reaction is, well, slightly anticlimactic.

Luckily, the grandson has another bite at the cherry, this time deciding to run down a hall towards his nan to scare her.

Her reaction is priceless, and well worth the wait. I feel a bit sorry for her, but at least she did get him back with a bottle whacking him in the balls.

The morale of the story? Don’t try to scare your gran, she will always have the last laugh.

Images via GIPHY/YouTube

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