Guy Says His Ex Is Better Looking Than His Girlfriend On National TV


The amount of TV shows dedicated to finding love, or overanalysing people’s relationships, is overwhelming to say the least.

It makes sense that a prying public want to know about all that sort of stuff, no doubt comparing their own love lives and seeing whether they’re normal or not.

I’m single, but all I know is that there’s absolutely no chance in hell I’d go on a show about dating; it’s like these people have no shame and are oblivious to the fact their lives will be broadcast to a whole nation.

No thanks, give me eternal loneliness over public humiliation any day.

One of the shows on a seemingly never-ending conveyor belt of turn-your-brain-off TV shows is Comedy Central UK’s Your Face Or Mine, which apparently sees contestants having to guess who a live audience thinks is hotter in order to win money.

Seems pretty harmless, right? Well, not when couples go on it and the bloke is forced to answer whether he thinks his ex is hotter than his current girlfriend.

That’s exactly what happened to Kaio – who, for those of you who were wondering – is an appropriately garbage name for someone who appears to be such a shit cunt. He was on the show with his girlfriend, Modina, as well as his ex-girlfriend, Sarah – both good looking women who could no doubt do infinitely better than Kaio.

At one point, host Jimmy Carr bluntly asks whether he would get with his ex again, to which Kaio nonchalantly replies “of course”, before quickly adding “if I was single.”

‘If’ you are single? More like ‘when’ you are single.

In true car crash TV fashion, things soon go from bad to worse as he’s asked to choose who’s fitter between his current girlfriend and his ex.

It’s painfully awkward, so I’ll let you watch it for yourself.

How his current girlfriend just sits there and laughs it off I’ll never know. Come on, love, have a bit more respect for yourself.

If she had anything about her she’d dump him on the spot and be with someone who isn’t going to embarrass her infront of hundreds of people.

Then again, some girls like dickheads, which probably explains why she’s with him in the first place.

It’s true what they say, nice guys really do finish last.

(That was quite a downbeat and melancholy way to end an article – really it was just for effect. Don’t worry, guys, I’m fine.)

Images via Comedy Central UK/Youtube

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