Girl Gets Epic Revenge When She Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Cheating


It’s one thing to catch your boyfriend cheating, but it’s another thing entirely to catch them cheating with someone that you work with. 

This was the dilemma that Twitter user @AyanaTheDIVA found herself facing recently, and on Sunday evening, she shared her story with the world in a hilariously gripping thread, filled with betrayal, twists and scheming revenge.

Ayana began her tale with an appropriate GIF of Beyoncé, to depict how she felt when her co-worker showed her the Instagram page of a guy that she’d been dating …

But here’s how it all really began:

Ayana had just started a new job at a restaurant. Almost immediately, she found a friend in her co-worker when they realised that they had a similar taste in men.

Whilst her co-worker had mentioned a guy who she knew that was apparently quite good looking, Ayana didn’t get to see an image of him right away. A couple days later, whilst working, her co-worker suddenly remembered that she hadn’t shown Ayana the picture, and so, she decided to pull up his Instagram page instead …

Despite the Instagram page clearly belonging to her boyfriend, Ayana decided to be clever about her reaction. She pretended not to know who the guy was, in order to get more information.

So, whilst playing it cool, Ayana said: “Oh, you know him?”

Desperate to get more information, Ayana still kept calm. She probed further and discovered that her boyfriend had been talking to her co-worker every day on the phone …

Ayana was fuming by now, but miraculously, she still managed to maintain her act. She asked her co-worker to stop by her house for drinks, knowing that her boyfriend would be there (they lived together, you see).


Three years they’d been together! A whole three years! Sorry, but it gets so much worse …

Ayana’s boyfriend was in the bathroom when she and her co-worker arrived in the house, completely unaware of the absolute shit storm that he would soon walk into …


So what did he do? Well, Ayana’s boyfriend (quite predictably) decided to pretend as if he had never met her co-worker before, but things didn’t really go his way. The co-worker, instead of playing along with him, simply turned to Ayana and expressed her anger at the entire scheme …


Ayana explained that, despite her co-worker’s anger, she wasn’t that mad in return. She’d concocted this savage plan mainly to show her the light and reveal the truth.

As for her boyfriend, well – Ayana had also sorted that part of her life out too:


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