This Fan-Made Trailer For 'Batman Vs Pennywise' Is Jaw-Droppingly Good


IT was a bit of a shock success, wasn’t it? I suppose I knew it would do well, but I never suspected it would be good. People love it and only a few chancers have said it’s not as good as the nineties version.

I think the general rule is that modern horror films just aren’t good. I know it’s an unpopular opinion and there are a few that slip through the net, but they’re largely bad films with wooden acting, a rancid colour pallet and some kind of mask that the directors hope will become iconic like the Chainsaw Massacre one…


Anyway, I’ve not seen it, but IT is apparently a good film. How nice.

The thing is, Pennywise is a shape-shifting monster. The world should be his oyster and yet he prays on children – easy targets. He need a challenge (even though they eventually win, right?).


What he needs is to fight Batman. Actually that should be the test for every new film villain; a good old throw down with Bats.

Obviously hooking Pennywise up with the protector of Gotham is logistically pretty hard, so until now, all we could was imagine.

giphy (1)

Luckily though, a fan-made trailer has been made for such a film, and we really want it to be a thing.

Have a look…

He has history with clowns so I guess this wouldn’t be totally uncharted territory for Batman – it’s just shape-shifting, child-eating clowns that are new for him.

I mean I think they are, I’m not 100% familiar with the entire back-catalogue of Batman adventures.

I suspect he hasn’t fought Pennywise though.

Images via Warner Bros, Giphy

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