The Most Disturbing Scene From Stephen King's 'IT' Was Left Out The Movie


Very few films have had such a profound and lasting impact on me as Stephen King’s It miniseries.

Tim Curry’s original portrayal of Pennywise the Clown, based on a best-selling book by the author, is truly terrifying, and after watching it a young age, I can safely say it has scarred me for life.

Ahead of the reboot, which is released in early September, people have been eager to see if it can live up to the original, with Bill Skarsgard playing the titular entity as he stalks, shapeshifts and manipulates his form to exploit the fears and phobias of seven children and prey on them one by one.

You can check out the horrifying trailer below:

As haunting as the movie looks, there’s actually a part of the novel that’s even too graphic for a movie this disturbing.

There’s a section where the kids have faced Pennywise but become lost in a series of tunnels afterwards, which splits the group up and leaves them separated.

Feeling that they have become divided, the kids, known collectively as The Loser’s Club, wonder how to bring unity back to the group, before the only girl, Beverley, suggests the only way to do that is to bond over sex.


The 11-year-old tells the six other boys of the same age: “You have to put your thing in me.”

Pretty dark.

King writes: ‘Mike comes to her, then Richie, and the act is repeated. Now she feels some pleasure, dim heat in her childish unmatured sex, and she closes her eyes as Stan comes to her and she thinks of the birds.’

Needless to say, a scene so graphic won’t be featuring in the upcoming movie, but it does give an insight into the depraved and sinister world that Pennywise inhibits.


Speaking specifically about the scene, King explained:

“I wasn’t really thinking of the sexual aspect of it. The book dealt with childhood and adulthood –1958 and Grown Ups. The grownups don’t remember their childhood. None of us remember what we did as children–we think we do, but we don’t remember it as it really happened.

“Intuitively, the Losers knew they had to be together again. The sexual act connected childhood and adulthood. It’s another version of the glass tunnel that connects the children’s library and the adult library. Times have changed since I wrote that scene and there is now more sensitivity to those issues.”

If (and it’s a very big ‘if’) I have the balls to see the latest version of It, I’ll be watching through my fingers…

Have you seen IT yet? Did it live up to the original? Let us know in the comments below!

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