Dark 'GOT' Theory Says That The Night's Watch Is To Blame For The White Walker Invasion


Warning: Some details from season seven of Game Of Thrones and potential spoilers.

Okay so, it’s time for our attention to turn to the Night’s Watch, and place some blame on them.

First, let’s have a mini history recap. First there were the Children of the Forest and the First Men, who fought. The Children initially created the Night King and the White Walkers as a weapon to fight the First Men.

When the White Walkers came south (about 8,000 year before GOT time), the First Men and and Children joined forces to push the White Walkers back – and they were ultimately ‘defeated’ by the Last Hero. The history of this victory is pretty sparse, so some argue it is more likely that this hero actually negotiated a pact.

The legend then follows that a Brandon Stark built a wall (THE wall) to keep them out, but actually – after a successfully negotiated pact, would it not have made more sense for the White Walkers, the masters of ice, to create a huge, magic, expansive icy wall to mark their new territory?

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Fans believe the pact went a little bit like this: The White Walkers would stay on their side of the wall, and in return the southern humans would leave them be, and not use fire magic like Valryian steel and dragonglass against them.

It could also easily be argued that regular human sacrifices were part of the pact, as this seems to be the only way for them to reproduce.

There is some evidence for this, namely Crastor and his many daughter wives sacrificing their sons to the White Walkers, and remaining unhurt in return.

And then there’s the story of The Nightfort, one not touched upon yet on the show. Nightfort is a castle on the wall, west of Castle Black, that used to be filled with Night’s Watch brothers. In current Game Of Thrones times, it is abandoned due to dwindling numbers of the Night’s Watch. If you click on the castle on the HBO website, it says that it “hides some sort of secret for the Night’s Watch”… wonderfully mysterious.

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It’s likely that this secret relates to the The Night’s King (different from the creepy undead Night King we’ve seen on the show). The Night’s King was was Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, but fell in love with a female White Walker. The couple married, and he moved his new wife in to Nightfort and proclaimed himself king.

He ‘ruled’ for 13 long years, regularly sacrificing humans, before he was defeated by the Free People, with hep from King Brandon The Breaker and House Stark.

Here’s an extra from the Game Of Thrones box set that explains the full thing:

So the plot twist is not that the White Walkers are suddenly wanting to invade, it’s actually that the pact was broken when Sam killed the White Walker who was delivering Gilly’s baby to the Night King. He broke two of the maybe-terms, he used dragon glass against them, and ruined a human sacrifice.

Try and see it from the White Walkers’ perspective: humans have come into their territory, messed with their only means of reproducing, and killed one of them. The humans have basically declared war, right?

George RR Martin once said, “the greatest monsters in history thought they were the heroes of their story.”

If Jon (AKA Aegon) really is the Prince That Was Promised – maybe his job will be to negotiate a new pact with the White Walkers, not kill them off entirely.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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