The Brutal Photoshop Guy Is Back With Some Hilarious New Edits


Not all heroes wear capes, seriously. 

And if there’s one hero the internet has always needed, it’s a man called James Fridman – but most know him as That Brutal Photoshop Guy. He hilariously trolls all who come to him for help with their Photoshop-based needs.

There was the time a woman asked him to tattoo an ‘angle’ on her, so she got an  acute one (not the winged angel she was hoping for), and many many more wonderful examples of his greatness.

Here are some of his most recent works:


funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-1-59c36b35b0529__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-4-59c36b3ccccd6__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-6-59c36b41970d6__880

funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-7-59c36b445fcb5__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-9-59c36b48eaae0__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-10-59c36b4b7b9b9__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-11-59c36b4deb516__880

funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-12-59c36b50378df__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-13-59c36b526bb1f__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-15-59c3887501d7b__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-16-59c3897613554__880

funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-17-59c38a4e40eed__880 funny-photoshop-troll-james-fridman-18-59c38aae6835c__880

Seriously, what would we do without this guy?

Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Twitter / @fjamie1013

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