Aldi Is Launching A Three-Litre (AKA 24 Glasses) Bottle Of Prosecco


The iconic German budget supermarket Aldi is taking over the country, seriously.

They’ve won over the population of the UK with their £299 hot tubs, knock-off Jo Malone candles for £3 and those knock off hula-hoops that I’m pretty sure are just fancy hula-hoops in different packaging.

This time, the clever brains at Aldi HQ have had the brain wave of the century – what could make prosecco better? More of it. Obviously.


They have announced they will be selling a whopping three-litre bottle of the bubbly stuff, that will hit shelves just in time for Christmas. Getting the whole family day drunk has never been easier!

The bottle is around four times the normal size of a bottle of wine, and should fill about 24 glasses. The wine itself is from  Italy’s Veneto  region, and I don’t know anything about wine, but apparently it’s a good region for it. It has a “refreshing acidity and soft sherbet taste”, and will only set you back £34.99, which is actually pretty decent for the sheer amount of alcohol on offer here.

Now, if you’re turning your nose up at Aldi brand alcohol, we’d like to remind you of some of their past successes. Lots of people swear by their whiskeys, and their gin was voted one of the best in the world at a fancy international spirits competition. Boy, do I wish I was a judge at that.


The new, extremely larger bottles will be on sale from the 14th of November, so we suggest you mark the date in your diary and put your queuing shoes on – because this wont be the first time there were huge prosecco related queues.

Last month, hundreds upon hundreds queued outside their local Lidl for the chance to buy 6 bottles of the bubbly stuff for just £20 – but unfortunately the deal sold out in minutes.


Will you be lining your cupboards with some of these monster bottles? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Instagram / Aldi



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