£3,000 Could Be Yours If You Have An Exciting Idea For A New Sex Toy


We’re definitely a sex-positive bunch over here at The Hook. Whether you’re getting off with someone else, or all on your lonesome – we thoroughly encourage the use of toys (if you’re not into them already, that is). 

One of our writers lost his anal virginity to some (very anal) sex toys and, needless to say, he loved it. You can read more about his experience here, but, before you do that – why not ask yourself one very vital question:

Have I ever given anyone an orgasm? 

And we’re not talking the fake kind.

We’re talking about an earth-shattering, leg-shaking, toe-curling, eye-rolling, grasping-for-the-sheets, gasping-for-air, think-about-it-even-in-their-dying-moments kind of orgasm.

If you answered yes to that question, then congratulations! You have an idea of how to give people pleasure – which means that you’d probably be able to put all that knowledge (and experience, we’re sure) to some good, money-making use.

Infamous sex-toy company, Love Honey are holding their annual Design A Sex Toy competition, which offers people £3,000 to design a mind-blowing sex toy. Quite a task, right?

Of course, if your design truly does manage to blow their minds – you could be in for way more than a mere 3,000. According to The Metro, one of the previous winners of this competition – someone named Trevor Murphy – has earned more than £200,000 from sales of his Sqweel oral sex toy (Sqweel is a sex toy consisting of a little wheel of fake tongues designed to simulate oral sex, and, um, make you squeal).

How did he rake in so much money? Well, as the creator of the sex toy, he gets paid every time his design is sold. Which, quite evidently, is a lot.


To offer some variation, the winner of last year’s competition was a design for a blow job simulating toy – eloquently named BloYo.

The winner of each category will win £1,000, and the Judges’ Pick (aka – the best sex toy overall) will receive an extra £2,000, making the grand prize £3,000. But if the good people of Love Honey love your toy design enough, they could even go ahead and actually make it! Which means that the designer would make even more cash on top of the prize, as they’d earn profits every time their toy is sold (like Trevor Murphy).

On a more serious note, you don’t really have to be an orgasm extraordinaire to take part in this competition.

You could be an absolute novice and this could still be your chance. All you need is a good idea and a great concept.

You can present your design to Love Honey however you like too. Sketch it on a piece of paper, create a model out of papier mâché, design it on your computer – they aren’t really that fussed. As long as you make the concept understandable enough, it’ll be fine. Send both your design and concept to the company and that’s it – you’re a competitor.

So, think about the things you’ve done to your partners and the things they’ve done to you. What did you like? What did you love? What do you think would work better if it were faster or slower? Bigger or smaller?

Think about the things that you’d really want someone to do to you, then brainstorm how you could get that same kind of joy from a machine.

If you’d like to enter the competition, you can submit your design on LoveHoney’s website. Be creative, guys!

Will you be competing in this sex toy competition? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Giphy / Love Honey / iStock

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