12 Movies That Are Banned In The UK


It takes a lot for a film to be banned in the UK, and only a handful of movies really manage it.

They have to – essentially – be monumentally f*cked up…

Check out 12 of them here:

Hate Crime

Released in the USA in 2012, Hate Crime is a found footage horror movie that sees a Jewish family celebrating their kid’s birthday, when a bunch of meth-crazed neo-Nazis break into their home. Over the course of the movie, they beat, rape, torture and murder various members of the family.

The Bunny Game

Another horror movie, The Bunny Game was banned due to its “eroticisation and arguable endorsement” of sexual violence and rape. It sees a drug-addled sex worker (called Bunny) hitch a ride with a truck driver who turns out to be a violent sadist. He kidnaps Bunny, and subjects her to an all manner of torture.

The Human Centipede 2

While the first Human Centipede movie was allowed a UK release, the BBFC made the decision to ban the sequel. It basically sees an English man become obsessed with the first Human Centipede experiment, and decide to create his own centipede with no less than 12 people.

The Human Centipede 2 was criticised for its excessive gore, and it was banned on the grounds that it made “little attempt to portray any of the victims… as anything other than objects to be brutalised, degraded and mutilated for the amusement and arousal of the central character.”

The Human Centipede 2 was actually un-banned in 2011, after 2 minutes and 37 seconds of footage was cut out.

This included scenes of the central character masturbating with sandpaper, a clip of a man’s teeth being knocked out with a hammer, the “graphic sight” of lips being stapled to anuses (and then the “graphic sight” of forced defecation into the victims’ mouths), a scene of Martin raping a victim with barbed wire wrapped around his penis, and a scene of a newborn baby being killed.


We are not surprised that they banned it…

My Daughter’s a Cocksucker

You probably guessed it from the title, but My Daughter’s a Cocksucker is actually a porn film. It’s banned in the UK due to its focus on incest – the actresses deliver lines such as “Daddy always likes it when I choke” and “Am I good enough to teach the little sister?”  

The BBFC also thought that there was too much focus on “choking and gagging” – they thought it gave an “abusive, degrading and dehumanizing” portrayal of sex.


A Japanese torture movie, Grotesque is about a couple who are kidnapped while on their first date, and subjected to some really quite brutal torture at the hands of a wealthy surgeon.

He cuts off all their fingers and makes them into a necklace, he drives nails into the man’s scrotum (and pops out one of his eyes), he removes the girl’s nipples and then cuts off her arm, and he sexual assaults both of them. At the end of the movie, he removes the man’s intestines.

BBFC were not a fan.


In NF713, a man interrogates a woman who he believes to have committed crimes against “the state.” She remains bound throughout the duration of the film, while he uses psychological and physical methods of torture to extract information from her.


The BBFC thought that it was trying to “sexually arouse the viewer at the sight of a woman being sexually humiliated, tortured and abused”, and so banned it in the UK.

The Texas Vibrator Massacre

A hardcore pornographic horror movie, it would have been a miracle for The Texas Vibrator Massacre to make it past the censors. It’s essentially a spoof of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in which people get brutally murdered in between having explicit sex.

While they tried really hard to appease the BBFC (taking out semen shots), the various scenes of people getting “raped to death” – as well as a brother and sister continuously f*cking each other – got it banned.



A German photographer leads a double life in horror movie Murder-Set-Pieces. By day, he shoots erotic photographs, and by night he stalks, rapes and murders women. It’s banned in the UK because of its “sustained sadistic terror”, and because it shows the graphic murder of a pre-teen child.


There were also concerns that it would break UK obscenity laws.

Woman in Cellblock 9

Woman in Cellblock 9 is a Swiss movie about a group of women in prison. It’s set in an unnamed South American country during a revolution, and sees six insurgents captured, and brought in for interrogation. It’s banned due to its “eroticization of sexual violence”, and due to the fact that one of the women acting in the movie’s sex scenes was just 16 at the time.



Bumfights is a really horrible movie, and we’re glad that it got banned. Basically, the filmmakers encouraged homeless men to fight each other in return for money and/or alcohol. It got banned due to the fact that it quite obviously exploits “the physical and other vulnerabilities of homeless people” as they were “abused, assaulted, and humiliated” throughout the movie.


BBFC aren’t the only ones that hate it. eBay routinely take down the listing of anyone trying to sell a copy of the movie, refusing to sell anything that “promotes or glorifies violence.” 

Love Camp 7

A Nazi exploitation movie, Love Camp 7 was made in 1969, and sees two undercover American agents enter a Nazi prison camp in an attempt to rescue an inmate. They pose as sex workers, and are habitually humiliated, raped and tortured by the Nazi prison guards.


It was banned because “the whole purpose of the work is to invite male viewers to relish the spectacle of naked women being humiliated for their titillation.” 


Mikey is the story of a little boy who murders not one, but two of his adoptive families. It was due to come out in 1996, but was banned after the highly-publicised murder of two-year-old James Bulger, who was tortured and killed by two ten-year-old boys.

The BBFC consulted three child psychiatrists, who were all concerned that Mikey would encourage children to act violently.


Have you seen any of these movies? Let us know in the comments! 

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