10 TV Episodes That Were Banned From Being Aired


These days, it seems like anything goes when it comes to TV shows. However, there are a few episodes that tend to take things a little too far.

So far, infact, that they end up getting banned from TV – but which ones are the worst offenders?

Check them out below:

The X-Files – “Home”


In episode two of season four, a gruelling investigation led Mulder and Scully to discover a family of deformed farmers who had not left their house for a decade. They soon uncovered a horrible truth about the family’s history of incest, involving their own mother.

In the US, this episode was banned from being shown on Fox, although it was later praised highly when it aired during a marathon on FX (another Fox-owned channel).

Cow and Chicken – “Buffalo Gals”


This episode offended many adults because of the negative lesbian stereotypes. In one segment, Cow and Chicken run into a motorcycle riding gang of women who look ‘manly’. They then break into a house and begin literally munching carpets. Understandably, it was banned from air.

The Simpsons – “The City of New York vs Homer Simpson”


This episode may have been received quite well when it aired in 1997, but after 9/11, it was banned almost immediately. In the episode, the Simpsons’ car is stranded outside the World Trade Centre. Several jokes about the building were made, and one even featured two men shouting at each other from the opposite buildings. Whilst these jokes were harmless enough, they provided a painful reminder for many viewers after the terrorist attacks.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Earshot”


In this episode, Buffy develops the power to hear people’s thoughts. She mistakenly believes that one student in her school is thinking of planning a mass murder, but soon realises that he’s just suicidal. This episode was banned from TV mainly because it was set to air just one week after the Columbine High School Massacre.

Peppa Pig – “Mister Skinny Legs”

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In this episode, Peppa’s parents encourage her to become friends with a spider, to show that they don’t cause any harm. Whilst this message may not have affected kids in the UK, for those in Australia, it wasn’t very helpful. As a result, it was banned.

Sponge bob Square Pants – Prime time episodes


Episodes of Spongebob Squarepants were banned in China mainly because of the belief that Patrick’s relationship with Spongebob was romantic. This belief stemmed from a commission dedicated to the protection of morality in Ukraine, which also questioned Spongebob and Patrick’s relationship. In China, the show was not banned completely, but episodes were not allowed to be shown in prime time TV slots.

Tiny Toon Adventures – “Elephant Issues”


Whilst this episode aimed to educate children about the dangers of drink driving, the plot itself was quite brutal. Three characters get drunk, take a drive, get in a car crash and then find themselves in heaven. As we said, brutal.

Pokémon – “Electric Soldier Porygon”


The episode titled ‘Electric Solider Porygon‘ was banned in Japan because it contained rapidly blinking red and blue lights that caused seizures, headaches, and dizziness. Hundreds of people were hospitalised because of this. Since then, the episode has not aired anywhere.

Hannibal – “Oeuf”


This episode of Hannibal focused on a group of children who had been kidnapped and then forced to commit a series of murders. Whilst it was banned from TV, it was shown on digital streaming services instead.

Boy Meets World – “Prom- ises, Prom- ises”


Whilst no-one would bat an eyelid if teenagers spoke about sex on TV nowadays, back in the nineties it was taboo. In an episode of Boy Meets World, Topanga and Cory consider having sex after the prom, and people just weren’t ready for that kind of talk.

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