10 Sex Tips That Everyone Needs To Know


No matter how long you’ve been having sex, there are probably still times where you feel that you have no idea what you’re doing.

And trust us, you’re not alone. Not everyone has tricks up their sleeve, and not everyone knows how to cope when things get seriously awkward between the sheets.

It never hurts to get a few tips along the way, so check out these ones below and see if you can make a few positive changes in the bedroom:

You can never have enough lube

A good amount of lubrication reduces friction during sex, which means that you won’t get uncomfortable rubbings on the insides of your body (cringe). Whilst some amounts of frictions are often kind of nice, too much would definitely feel weird. Make good use of the lube and you’ll be slipping in and out of each other with complete ease.

Portrait of a scared couple in bed with man and woman looking very anxious

Female ejaculation can help reduce infections

There are a few ways to try to avoid a UTI (eg. peeing before and after sex, extra hygiene, antibiotics, probiotics, cutting out sugar), but it should be pointed out that, for females, some studies have found that ejaculating can actually help fight infections as well.

Shot of an unidentifiable young couple making love on the kitchen floor

Roleplay and dirty talk go a long way

Not everyone is in the mood for sex all the time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting yourselves in the mood with a bit of seduction. Go wild with it.

Passionate foreplay by couple wearing underwear in bedroom

Masturbation shouldn’t be forbidden

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting yourself off. You probably know your body better than anyone else ever could, which means you know what you like. Pleasuring yourself can be an intimate or shared activity (mutual masturbation – hello?) and, in all honesty, can probably provide a better time than sex itself sometimes.

Happy couple in bed showing emotions and love

Cut your fingernails

This is just pure consideration, people. Cut your fingernails. Have a wash. Just think of your personal hygiene. Please.

lesbian couple share the kiss on the bed

Pool and beach sex isn’t always fun

Several people have testified that shower sex or pool sex isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be on the big screen. This also includes sex on the beach, guys. All that sand could easily get inside the wrong places, so don’t do it if you’re not ready for that. Also, anything involving water could easily result in a bit of an awkward fiddle.

Man and woman kissing in water, silhouette shot.

Never be afraid to take charge

If you are not satisfied, don’t be afraid to let your partner know it. And if you want something, you should be able to feel comfortable enough to at least have a conversation about it.

Sexy woman lying naked in bed in the bedroom. She is enjoying in sexual games and during orgasm she squeezes the rod on the bed with great passion. Very shallow depth of field with focus on her left hand

Get creative once in a while

There are hundreds of different positions and several kinds of sex. Think outside the box. There are other parts of your body (apart from the genitals) that could easily (and unexpectedly) turn you on.

Loving gay couple having a foreplay in their bedroom. Focus is on man lying on back.

Don’t be afraid to be loud (or quiet)

Sometimes, being vocal is a good thing and sometimes it isn’t. But you should know that there will be noises, and scuffling, and moaning and grunting. Just know that making noise (or not) depends on the person, but you really shouldn’t feel pressure to sound a certain way. Just do what you’re comfortable with.

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It’s probably never going to be like porn

Yeah, get that thought out of your head. Porn isn’t even really like porn. Come on.

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