Woman Gets Brilliant Revenge On Guy Who Planned Five Dates On The Same Night


I recently deleted Tinder for two reasons; lack of success and stress. The lack of success came about because I’m very bad at texting. Not that I don’t reply fast enough, it’s probably that I reply too fast and my brand of humour doesn’t translate well to instant messaging. The stress comes about when I’m talking to more than one person at a time.

Now I know that everyone does it and I really shouldn’t put all of my eggs in one basket, but I just get pretty flustered and feel bad when I’m talking to more than one girl at a time. So with that in mind, I got rid of the app and every night when I’m lying in bed, I fight the urge to re-download it. I’m nearly over the hill.

Some people have no such problems with talking to multiple people over text and even go as far as dating various people at the same time, eventually subbing out the one[s] they like least and sticking to their favourite.

We’re totally aware of this and though it perplexes me, I’ve come to terms with girls doing the same with me. But they usually leave at least a day in between dates, right? That’s the classiest way to go about it, I’d have thought. Well, Lisette found out the hard way that she was being played by a guy who was dating multiple women on the same night, but luckily they teamed up to get their revenge…

And that’s why you shouldn’t be a wanker, kids.

I think that’s the moral? Don’t play people, it’s bad and rarely pays off…

That’ll do, probably.

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