Woman Freaks Out After Finding Daughter's "Sex Toy" In The Dishwasher


No one wants to discuss sex toys with their parents, and we’d imagine that very few parents are aching to bring up the subject with their adult kids. 

For that reason, we really do feel for the woman who was unfortunate enough to discover her daughter’s dildo in the dishwasher. Not only was she forced to consider that aspect of her daughter’s life (the sexy side), but she was also pretty much obligated to address it.

Posting to Reddit, the anonymous daughter explained that her mum had returned the “sex toy” wrapped up in a towel, and asked what on earth she had been thinking by putting it in the dishwasher, for the world to see.


It does look very suspect, but it’s not actually a sex toy at all…

As the daughter explained, it’s actually one hell of a lot more SFW than that…


It’s a cup. A cup that shrunk, and led to what was probably one of the most awkward conversations that that mother and daughter will ever have.

It’s painful, but we certainly doubt that it’s the first time that a parent has found something weird, and immediately assumed that it was some sort of millennial sex gadget.

What with sex toys looking like this…

sex toy 9

…And this:

sex toy 1

…And hell, even this:

sex toy 4

…It’s no great surprise that that poor shrunken cup came under suspicion.

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Images via Reddit / Amazon / Babeland / ThisIsWhyImBroke 

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