Watch Channing Tatum Grind 'Magic Mike' Style With Unsuspecting Shop Employee


Imagine if you were going about your day, quietly doing your job when Channing Tatum walks in, buys an iced coffee, and then proceeds to dance with you ‘Magic Mike’ style behind your check-out counter. Well, this is exactly what happened to Sunoco employee Beatrice in North Carolina – oh the lucky, lucky gal. 

While on a North Carolina promo tour for his upcoming film Lucky Logan, Channing unleashed his moves on shop employee Beatrice. Showcasing his Magic Mike skills, Channing grinded up on Beatrice after what started out as an innocent trip to buy an iced coffee and a chocolate bar. Don’t all impromptu dance offs begin this way?

Channing captioned the Facebook video ‘Nothin better than a little dance party. Thank you, Beatrice s/o Sunoco Racing’.

Now, we’ve got to hand it to Bea in this situation. Not only did she get a much coveted picture with Channing, but she also held her own, dancing with him right back (even dancing WELL). I don’t think I could have behaved semi-normally if I were in the presence of Channing (my tongue would probably be on the floor), let alone if he was dancing all up on me (I mean have you seen his abs!). She even finished the dancing segment by stating “I rule the world”. Needless to say, she handled it like a pro.

So strong is the appeal of Channing Tatum that many Twitter users have been chancing their luck at their own local convenience shops in the hope of seeing him and receiving a similar performance.

Thankfully, Channing’s Lucky Logan film promo tour hasn’t ended just yet so there’s every chance that his next trip for an iced coffee could turn into a strip club extravaganza.

Watch Channing and Beatrice shake their stuff below:

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Images via You Tube / The Daily Mail / Twitter / GIPHY

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