This Unexpected Country Has Replaced Ireland As The Heaviest Drinking Nation In Europe


Move over, Ireland. According to statistics compiled by the European Commission, you’ve been completely outdone.

In terms of heavy drinking, that is.

Ireland has surrendered the number one spot on the heavy drinking list and has made an unexpected plunge to twelfth place. This surprising drop in drinking took place between the years 2000 and 2014, in which time Lithuania rose to claim their former glory.

Indeed, Lithuania has now become the heaviest drinking nation in Europe.

It turns out that the Irish simply don’t go as hard with the alcohol as they used to. Based on data gathered from a number of 27 countries in Europe, statistics show that Ireland was the one country that experienced the biggest drop in the consumption of alcohol. A drop of 23.6%, to be precise.

To put some perspective on that number, in the early days of the millennium, the average person in Ireland could down more than 14 litres of alcohol in a year. Impressive, right?

Well, it’s 2017 and that number has dipped to 10.6 litres.

Whilst, it can’t be denied that such a decline in alcohol consumption could do absolute wonders for the health of the Irish nation, a few people are still worried that enough isn’t being done to tackle the issue of drinking within the country.

As a result of this, a recent public health bill has been raised, with an aim to lower the overall number of yearly alcohol consumption down from 10.6 litres to 9.1 litres per person. Such a small number would make Ireland one of the lowest alcohol consumers in the whole of the EU, but can such an ambitious goal truly be achieved?

Eunan McKinney, a spokesperson from Alcohol Action Ireland, has his reservations.

When speaking to The Sunday Times, he pointed out that the Irish still “drink twice as much as global norms.

He also explained that the cultural normalisation of heavy drinking and the blatant disregard of its impact has fuelled Ireland’s national crisis with alcohol.

If Ireland were to follow the low-risk guidelines on alcohol consumption, 11 standard drinks for women and 17 for men, our target would be seven litres.” He added.

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