The UK's Most Sexually Adventurous Towns Have Been Revealed


I’m from Blackpool originally, and when you grow up in a community where you’re surrounded by lap dancing clubs, countless sex shops, and loads of people having it off on stag parties and hen do’s, the likelihood is that you probably aren’t going to grow up to be the most prudish person in the world.

Then again, it’s pretty much just the argument of ‘nature vs nurture,’ and to be honest, such is my horny disposition, I bet if I grew up in solitude on a desert island I’d still want to fuck all the livelong day.

Anyway, I digress, because the most sexually adventurous towns in the UK have been revealed, and surprisingly, my hometown isn’t in the top five.

Rubbers company ONE Condoms, surveyed 18-24 year olds from 50 British towns and cities, and asked them how sexually curious they were and how they’d describe their sex lives.

The results are in, and apparently Hull is the kinkiest place in the UK, with 77% of those asked describing themselves as sexually adventurous.

The research found that Plymouth (68%) came in second place, followed by Newcastle and Newport (66%) in third, with Dundee, Exeter and Norwich (63%) placing fourth, and Middlesborough, Northampton and Sheffield (61%) completing the top five.

I have a few reservations about this term ‘sexually adventurous’. It’s both subjective and ambiguous; to some people, anything other than missionary would be deemed adventurous, whereas adventurous to me would involve taking some mushrooms on a Tuesday afternoon and attempting every position in the Kama Sutra. Or something along those lines, anyway.

There were some other interesting titbits that came out of the survey too, with 80% of people in St Albans describing the ideal love as ‘kinky’, compared to just 13% of bores in Derry (remind me never to go there).

It also found that the highest number of young people in to BDSM were in Dundee, with 88% willing to try masochism and 75% up for trying sadism (bit mental), while in York, just 16% said they’d be keen to try either.

Coming in dead last for kinkiness was Sunderland, with only 17% of people describing themselves as sexually adventurous, although they did have the highest number of people willing to make a sex tape with their partner. They were followed by Cambridge (28%), York (31%), Wrexham (38%), and Lisburn, Peterborough & Walsall (33%).

ONE Condoms’ ambassador, and registered couple’s counsellor Annabelle Knight told Metro:

“If you’re exploring your sexuality and expressing yourself sexually, it’s critical that you’re doing it because you want to, not feeling peer pressured into anything.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you are as sexually curious as your partner. 

If it’s a no from one of you, it has to be a no from both of you!”

Sadly, Blackpool missed out on a top five place, but never failing to disappoint, it did rank as the number one place where people were interested in having sex outside (66%).

The Blackpool Tower, The Pleasure Beach, people dogging, yep – we have it all up there – excellent news if you’re planning on heading there during the summer holidays…

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