The Trailer For Season Two Of Netflix's 'The Crown' Is Here And It Looks Amazing


Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ is a series I really didn’t think I was going to like. I’m not anti-Royals or anything, it just never seemed like it would be a particularly interesting show.

What swung it for me was when I saw my mum watching it during a scene where Prince Phillip went duck shooting with George VI. It was just a small clip towards the end of the first episode but it looked amazing – the direction and the score teamed with the general moodiness of the theme was incredible. So I watched it all in a day and I honestly think it’s one of the best programmes I’ve ever seen.

Except for episode five, mind you…

It also made me fancy Claire Foy a dangerous amount.

Anyway, after winning a number of awards, including two Golden Globes, the series is returning this December and will tell the story of what happened between 1956 to 1964.

Have a look at the new trailer…

Man, Netflix really is sorting out my year.

In this season, Claire Foy’s Elizabeth II looks to encounter the huge social changes that the sixties brought along with them, meeting JFK and going through more rocky patches in her marriage to Matt Smith’s Price Phillip that the first season eluded to.

On top of that, there’s a new love interest for her sister, Vanessa Kirby’s Princess Margaret, in the form of Matthew Goode’s Tony Armstrong-Jones, a sexy photographer.

I’m seriously excited.

Annoyingly the scene I was talking about earlier doesn’t seem to be on the internet as a short clip but here’s the score I mentioned.

Now imagine that but with really cool, tense things going on in the background. That has to do it for you.

Images via Netflix

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