This Is The Terrifying True Story Behind The 'Annabelle: Creation' Movie


The latest movie in the Conjuring cinematic universe, ‘Annabelle: Creation’ has been a resounding success. 

Not only has it been a hit commercially, but both critics and audiences agree that it’s one of the scariest films to come out of the franchise yet. It’s incredibly tense, filled to the brim with jump-scares, and has a plot that could give even the most seasoned horror fan some serious nightmares.

Like The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 before it, Annabelle: Creation is loosely based on a true story. In 1970, student nurses Donna and Angie noticed that their “raggedy Anne” doll was seemingly moving around the apartment by itself. They initially thought nothing of it – convinced that there must be a reasonable explanation – but before too long things had taken a turn towards the sinister.

On more than one occasion they came home to find the doll covered in blood, and strange notes – saying either “help us” or “help Lou” – began to show up around the apartment.


Now, Lou was Angie’s boyfriend, and he certainly wasn’t a fan of the doll. Almost as soon as Donna got it (as a gift from her mother), he became convinced that it was evil, and tried to convince the girls to cast it out of their home.

Raggedy Anne – or Annabelle – didn’t like that idea one bit… One night, Lou woke up in the middle of the night to find that he couldn’t move. He was confused at first, but quickly realised that the doll was sitting on his chest, with its hands wrapped tightly around his neck…

While at first Lou tried to pass this disturbing incident off as a bad dream, it wasn’t too long before the doll confirmed his suspicions and struck again. This time, while he was wide awake.

Lou had walked into the pitch black apartment one evening, only to feel a strange presence in the room behind him. Before he could switch on the lights, he felt a sudden pain in his abdomen, and quickly realised that he was bleeding from several sharp scratches across his stomach.

When he turned on the lights, the “raggedy Anne” doll was sitting immobile, alone in the middle of the room.


This was the last straw for Donna and Angie, who decided to call in demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. They quickly concluded that the doll was possessed by an “inhuman demonic spirit”, so cleansed the apartment, and agreed to take Annabelle away.

As Ed Warren told it, the doll was reluctant to leave. As they drove it back to his and Lorraine’s own home, it made repeated attempts to sever the brakes, and hinder the steering. Only dousing it in holy water stopped the attack, and allowed them to make it home safely.

Today, the doll resides in the Warrens’ Occult Museum. It’s kept in a locked cabinet, with a very explicit warning attached. Under no circumstances should the cabinet be opened, or the doll be provoked…


You can check out the trailer for Annabelle: Creation here:

Annabelle: Creation is in UK cinemas at the moment.

Have you watched it? Let us know what you thought in the comments! 

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