These Are The Tell-Tale Signs That Your Partner Is Going To Break Up With You


I’ve never been broken up with. This kind of achievement comes with it’s own level of superiority that I have no issue lording over people, letting them know that I’m simply better than them and probably too irresistible for it ever to happen. That’s when they ask, “go on then, how do you do it?”

I smile at them, have a sip of my whiskey and say, “well, I’ve never been in a serious relationship“, I smirk again and then take my leave. Sure, that night I’ll wank myself to sleep in a puddle of my own tears but they don’t have to know that, do they?

What I have heard about breakups though, is that they never come out of the blue. No one ever goes to bed happily paired up, only to wake up the next day, think “God! I need to get rid of them!

The doubts are always festering below the surface, and though some people may be good at hiding this, there’s always signs you can look out for if you think that your partner is thinking of shedding the dead weight, i.e. you.


A study published in the journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science in August found the reasons people give for ending a relationship. Have a look…

Partner’s personality – considering someone to be lazy, boring, or flaky were cited as examples

Breach of trust – such as infidelity, or a lie

Partner withdrawal – essentially jumping before you are pushed, as the partner suggests they are no longer interested

Physical distance conflict – bad sex, not enough sex, or lack of affection

Social consequences – parental disapproval, social pressure from friends

‘Deal breaker’ – an addiction, abuse, legal issues were examples given of ‘deal breaker’ issues

Alternative partner – self explanatory.

The study came from authors based at the Universities of Utah and Toronto, who also found the reasons for couples sticking together.

These included emotional intimacy, a good sex life, financial benefits, post-breakup guilt, and the validation provided by a relationship.


For married couples, the reasons for sticking together are mostly based on not wanting to mess up something they spent ages working for, with family responsibilities and the financial barriers to leaving working against them.

For non-married couples, the reasons were cuter, with liking their partner’s personality, feeling close and the positive emotions from the relationship.

But how do you get a girlfriend? I’d didn’t say anything about that. I’ll check the references…




Of course!

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