Taylor Swift Released Her New Album Cover And People Are Seriously Taking The Piss


So… Taylor Swift.

She’s back. She’s definitely back and, umm, she’s got music to show you…

But this isn’t like her normal music. No, this is new brooding, retaliation, bitter music that she’s writing out of revenge… Oh no wait, it’s exactly like all of other music. Sorry. I got confused there for a second.

By the looks of things, her new album Reputation is essentially a big ol’ dis-track/dis-album for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. She promoted the upcoming November album herself by posting pictures of snakes on her social media… because she’s a very nuanced character like that.

This comes after Kanye West released his album, Life of Pablo, which featured the track FamousFamous goes into detail about how Kanye and Taylor could still have sex, having “made that bitch famous”.

This made Miss Swift particularly irate as she believes she’s famous in her own right. Don’t get me wrong, she probably is but then so’s Hitler. Weird thing to brag about (obviously I’m not comparing Taylor Swift to the world’s worst Nazi).

That being said, in Taylor’s defence, Kanye’s wife is famous because she fucked a b-list rapper and let him film it. Lots of hypocrisy darting around.

Anyway, she released her cover art and it’s fair to say that people aren’t impressed…

Others saw that it was pretty reminiscent of early-noughties MySpace edgelords…

And then other opinions were completely mixed…

Images via Twitter

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